About Us


I dream with my eyes open

"When I was nobody, I dreamt a dream.
Dreams bigger than my own life,
Dreams bigger than my own world.
I dared to dream to make your dreams come true.
33 years & going strong, I still dare to dream.
What separates me from others,
I dream with my eyes open."

It was not easy for a dry fruit merchant to venture into the construction business, but the way they say, few things are just meant to be.

1981,  the year when  it all began, when  I actually entered  the construction business and carried out few joint venture projects with my fellow partners till 1995. Post 1995, I thought of making my own solo projects and so far the journey has been more than just nice. It's all because of the support of my colleagues especially associates  like Land owners, Consultants, Banks, Financial  Institutions, Clients,
Suppliers & Staff members that I have reached this stage and am still going strong.   A big thanks to my family also for bearing with me and for being a source of continuous strength.

Talking about the next generation of Alcon, they are young, vibrant and energetic professionals with the roots still intact in them.

Together, we promise you  the same expansion and growth by delivering successful edifices with the same top quality services.

With Alcon, you can be doubly assured that your journey will be a continuous progression.

- Jagdish Agarwal,
  Chairman & MD