About Us


Our values define who we are

At Alcon, we have always believed in forming a base for our employees as well as for ourselves.
Incorporating the values of Ethos (Ethical), Pathos (Emotional) & Logos (Logical), we continuously
strive to bring our best, providing you the same of what we have promised.

Following Ethos, we believe in ethical way of doing things, hereby thus, garnering credibility
against our name. Honoring commitments, striving for punctuality and indispensable transparency
are just few of our traits we follow under Ethos.

Following Pathos, we believe in making relationships with our customers by being accountable
for all our activities and progress. Not  just a sales-oriented approach, we follow the art of
customer-centric approach with the right service attitude thus helping us build relationships.

Following Logos, we believe in providing logical explanations for all our work. Right from inception
to delivery stage, the designs and the systems, all are based on the logic factor. Committing and
delivering on the day committed are few of the traits we follow under Logos.