Alcon Advantage


Everybody dreams about a home that is not just a shelter but also a nest for love, togetherness and prosperity.

“The main reason that we trust Alcon is their superior quality. They have a transparent understanding with us and delivered as we expected. In fact, with their valuable consultation, we were able to add facilities to our house and invest in each room rationally.”
- Sanjay Seth, CEO, Tata Motors.


“I am proud that I stay in a house that does not resemble the other apartments. There is exclusivity to my home and Alcon Builders has brought excellence to engineering and design to my apartment. Our home is an envy for our friends and relatives.”
- Mrs. Sonia Tondon


“Care, professionalism and integrity seems to guide Alcon's every step as the most trusted residential space creator”.
- Gautam Shah, Manager, Indusind Bank