Alcon Advantage


Meticulous Planning, Mutual Growth, Continous Progression- Alcon advantage lies here.

Elevating lifestyles

One of the most important decisions in life we make is choosing the home that suits us the most. The location, the size and the budget are the three most vital factors that make up that decision. And as our circumstances – jobs, family, finances– change at today’s faster pace; our ideal home also changes.

Alcon builders and promoters respects and reflects that change. We are dedicated to creating quality homes that enhance people’s lives, wherever they are in their life.

Timeless quality

Because our homes are well planned, meticulously constructed and well appointed, they are easy to run and maintain. More than that, when you decide to move on, you are likely to appreciate once again the wisdom of your investment. Alcon homes have a timeless desirability that will last with the years. Whatever your ambition for your new home, now is the time to choose a Alcon home.